Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GOS Challenge

Here it is! I couldn't resist this Challenge. I love samplers and I'm entranced by the motifs they contain. I'm currently working on the Mystery sampler Elle Brode des Lettres Carmin so the challenge of red threads is so relevant. Also I needed somewhere to keep the threads and needles tidily - and safe from damage.

So I took the opportunity to make a 'Huswife'. Of course the size of the challenge wasn't big enough for the area I wanted to cover. And because the Mystery sampler is French and red is a traditional French colour it seemed appropriate to use French words instead of English. That changed the whole dynamic of the design and more space was needed. So the tree grew bigger and needed a bird, the lady acquired another dog and there just had to be a cat! The other motif is a carnation (Mothers' Day symbol) from another project just finished!

Making up the finish also required a visit to my favourite quilt shop! Quel horreur!

Then I needed to set up a blog and post the photos! and meet the deadline!

A very worthwhile challenge and much enjoyed. Thank you to Kirsten.
Now back to Elle Brode des Lettres Carmin.

Starting out

I've set up this blog initially to be able to participate in The Gift of Stitching Challenge. Let's see where it takes me in the future.

I love stitching - of any kind - I have to do some everyday to stay sane! There's something very grounding and calming in taking needle to fabric. Mostly I stitch while watching television in the evenings.

Since finding GOS I have discovered a whole new world online! Many moments are spent trawling through websites looking at cross stitchers' sites. My eyes are wider than my capacity to complete all the projects, or my purse to fund them!